ZJK Musician Timeline

  • Born April 4th 1986, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Studied classical piano as a child (roughly 5 years)
    • Won various MTNA/MMTA awards
  • Began playing acoustic guitar (around 2001)
  • Began composing for solo piano (around 2001)
  • Accepted into Northview High School's select choir
  • Composed music for a short art film (2004-2005)

Attended Trinity International University (2007-2011)

  • Music Scholarships
  • John Lennon National Songwriting Finalist
  • Studied Music Composition
  • Studied Classical Piano under Debbie Gillette (8 Semesters)
  • Studied Classical Voice under Beth Anne Swinson (6 Semesters)
  • First Student to be accepted and attend the Contemporary Music Center (2010)
  • National Student Residency program based in Nashville, TN
  • Live Orchestral Performance Debut
    • The Death of a Theme (2010)
    • The First TIU Student to have a piece performed while in attendance as an undergrad
  • Graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Arts in Music
    • Dual Emphasis Theory/Composition as well as Contemporary Music

Freelance Musician (2011-2014)

Calvary Church Pastoral Resident (2014-2016)

  • Organized, Planned and Performed a variety of worship services at Calvary Church
    • Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening
    • Special Needs
    • Student Services: College Night, High School Night, Children's Worship
  • Composed Congregational worship song for the preaching series
  • Discipled 8-10 young worship leaders
  • Arranged for Cameron Blake's album 'Fear Not' (2016)
    • To be released November of 2017

Freelance Musician (2017)