Royalty Free Stock Music

Tracks containing "ZJK Stock Music" within the title are free to use an unlimited amount of times for both personal and professional projects as long as "Zachary James Kolkman" is credited within the project, and a link to this site:  "" is provided (in either a description box, or within the project itself).  These tracks may not be sold as music tracks (whether in full or in part) even if they are edited, and can only be used as royalty free stock music when paired with other media with "Zachary James Kolkman" credited and the web address provided.   

TIP:  Each track has a number of variations, they have been grouped together according to title and color (either black or white) to help find the next track with visual ease.   

Questions or Requests:

ZJK Stock Music Horror 1

Horror 1 Stings (15 Seconds or Less)

ZJK Stock Music Horror 2

(Scratch Tone Strings, Horn and Choir Clusters)

Horror 2 Stings (15 Seconds or Less)

ZJK Stock Music Horror 3

(Pulsing with unsettling harmonic strings)

Horror 3 Looped (10+ Minutes)

Horror 3 Sting (15 Seconds or Less)