Recently Released 

(Updated January 21st, 2018)

Rejected Concept Ideas

I like to make multiple concept sketches when producing music for other people's projects.   Sometimes I will have a favorite that doesn't make the cut in the end, or get selected as the best piece to pair with media.  This piece is one such case. 

Foley/Sound Effects Library added

A library of found sounds intended for use in audio based storytelling and film has been added to the site under the downloads tab.  They also end up being interesting sounds to manipulate for musical purposes.

ZJK Phone Alarms 2017

7 short musical pieces designed with the intent to wake people up in the morning.   They can all be downloaded for free at:


"Get Here Soon" ZJK Collaboration with Rin

A quick co-write with artist (and vocalist featured on the recording) Catherine Jandernoa also known as Rin.  



Written and sung by Cameron Blake, with accompanying instrumentals arranged by ZJK and additional vocals arranged by Jen Fortosis

Huffington Post hailed "Wailing Wall" as 'nonpareil in its beauty' and 'necessary listening' (See Article).  Click play to listen or otherwise listen to the piece here.

The Full Album "Fear Not" is to be released November 17th, 2017

ZJK original songs written, arranged and recorded very quickly based off of a 3 word or less description of a character.  Feel free to leave a character suggestion and see if you get a song made after your character!  Mannequin is a track written and recorded in 2013 that was recently rediscovered and posted. 

Click Here for all of the ZJK Character Vignettes

A continuation of the TeknaPrima concept:  the struggle and intermixing of the biological and the technological - the acoustic and the digital.  This is the third prototype work exploring the feasibility of larger scale narrative and sonic interactions.   Upon completion this collection will be gathered and titled "Proto-prima" at which point full TeknaPrima works will start to be produced. 

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