ZJK Sheet Music


ZJK Scale Etudes

The Scale Etudes were created with the intent of 'tricking' students into practicing their scales in a musical context.  They serve as a great teaching tool, not only for students first learning their scales but also for reinforcing scale memory.  They have been used on younger students as well as at the Collegiate level for Music Education Majors preparing for their piano proficiency exams.  

They are a great addition to any instructor's library.  

ZJK Major Scale Etudes

ZJK minor Scale Etudes

ZJK Sonatas

These Sonatas were created both as a personal challenge to my own piano technique and ability but also as a compositional exploration into how to weave themes in and out of pieces.  The Sonatas are for more advanced players but are fantastic performance pieces, often having the audience readily in mind (such as the 'unending trill' of Sonata No. 1 and the 'pedal trick' of Sonata No. 2)

These are a blast to play and perform. 

ZJK Piano Sonatas