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Studio Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

ZJK Music Assignment Sheet

Music Student Resources:

Blank Staff Paper:  Grand Staff (Piano Staff)Treble Clef, Bass ClefAlto Clef, Guitar Tabs

Reference Guides:  Counting/Notes and Rests Durations, Major Chords with Inversions, minor Chords with Inversions

Piano Student Resources:

Beginner Technique Exercises:  C-Position, G-PositionF-PositionD-Position

Intermediate/Advanced Exercises: 5-Finger Pattern (Chromatic)

Guitar Student Resources:

Beginner Technique:  Major Scales (Basic)

Intermediate/Advanced Technique:  Chromatic Scale,  'Natural' Scale (Full)

Reference Guides:  C-A-G-E-D Barre Chord Landmarks, Capo Transposition

Vocal Student Resources: (Coming Soon)